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Investing Billions in Tech to Find Your Next Home

You deserve an agent who has the world’s best real estate technology keeping them one step ahead. That’s why I chose Compass, a forward- thinking brokerage where the technology of the future is changing outcomes today. Not only has Compass invested almost $1.5B dollars in tech over a 10- year period, but we continue to spend more than $100M annually on research and development to help make the buying process easier for you.

Your guide to finding a home you’ll love, Compass combines best-in-class tech with exceptional real estate leadership to make your search for homes smart and seamless.

All of the Compass technology is built in-house by the 1000+ person product and engineering team. The team comes from the best tech companies in the world with many team members coming directly from Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more. The team works across engineering hubs in NY, Seattle, Washington DC and Hyderabad, India.

Private Exclusives

Early Access to Off-Market Properties.

A private exclusive listing is an off- market home that can be shared by a Compass agent directly with their colleagues and their buyers. As your agent I can provide visibility into these listings which are not available to other agents from difference broker companies.

In a highly competitive market like South Florida, having access to properties before they are available to the general public is a huge advantage only Compass agents can offer.

  • Early access to properties
  • Tour properties that will not be available to the general public
  • These benefits are only offered within the Compass network


The Pinterest of Real Estate.

Collections is a search tool Compass developed to share a curated, visually-pleasing group of listings with clients. Collections is an app that allows us to collaborate efficiently where you can ask questions, comment on listings, and express your thoughts in a streamlined, direct way – all in one central place.

  • Organize homes
  • Centralize discussions
  • Collaborate with others
  • Receive immediate status and price updates

Compass CMA

Comparative Pricing Analysis

Powered by the company’s investment in artificial intelligence (AI), Compass CMA is a tool that lets us provide you with real-time market insights on comparable homes in the area. Now you can feel more confident that your next home is in the right price range and that you are making a competitive offer.

  • Identify competitive pricing
  • Strong offers are taken more seriously
  • Comparables offer value for negotiating


The New Normal


Did You Know?

While the present mortgage rates may be your starting point, remember that financial landscapes can change. Seize the opportunity to secure a favorable rate today, and you’ll be better positioned to navigate future refinancing options when the winds of the market shift in your favor.


30-Year Fixed Interest
Rate in 1981


Fed drops interest rate
in March 2020 due to COVID


30-Year Fixed interest
Rate in mid-2020 to
early 2022


Interest rates on most products today


Buying Process

1. Buyer Consulation

There are many reasons you may be interested in buying a property or moving to a different home including additional space, living closer to work, income and vacation properties, tired of renting, better location, and better school district.

The sooner you are able to identify the main reasons to purchase, the better your chances of easily identifying the right property that suits your specific needs by focusing on that specific criteria.

2. Getting Pre-Qualified

If you are obtaining financing, getting a pre-approval letter from a lender before submitting an offer is important because it shows you are more likely to meet the proposed settlement date. A pre-approval letter and a good faith estimate from a lender will also give you insight into the projected down payment, closing costs, and expected monthly payment.

3. Finding the Right Property

Once you have established a budget and identified your home’s criteria, you can start using the Compass CMA tool. I will run market analyses on comparable properties in the area to give you a clear understanding of current market value. Together, we will identify your ideal home’s location and amenities, and attend open houses in a range of areas. I will listen to your continued feedback and activate a ‘collection,’ or specialized search for properties as they hit the market until we find a home you love.

4. Visiting Properties

Your experience will be a lot more enjoyable if you have realistic expectations. Your decision will be affected by your individual requirements including your budget, available homes (inventory), the size of the lot and home, the number of beds and beds, and the school district.

Understanding everything earlier in the process enables you to find the best condo or home for your needs, without missing out on your potential dream home.

5. Submit and Negotiate Offer

Once we find the right home, we will collaborate on a competitive offer. The offer is an agreement to pay a certain price for the home if accepted and may include other terms, such as whether you are waiving any contingencies or in how many days you are willing to close. It is my job to guide you through the decision-making process to ensure you are confident with our offer.

6. Sign Contract

Your contract is the agreement between you and the seller to purchase the property for a specific price. Also defined in the contract of sale is the settlement company, date of settlement, and earnest money deposit amount.

If required, an Escrow Deposit is the amount of money that the buyer will put in an escrow in good faith to demonstrate to the Seller that they are serious about purchasing the property. The money will only be deposited if the contract is signed and agreed by both parties.

7. Inspection Period

It is my responsibility to coordinate all desired home inspections within the agreed timeline and contractual contingencies. We will also review and discuss the disclosures and preliminary title report. You may approve or negotiate credits and/or repairs. Prior to closing, remember to schedule a final walk-through of the property to verify property is still in acceptable condition and any negotiated repairs were done.

If you are buying a condo, townhouse, or house that are part of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) you will be required to apply and get approval before you schedule a closing.

8. Loan Application and Appraisal

If you are obtaining financing, your lender will let you know the list of financial documents necessary to provide to the lender, including a couple months of bank statements, tax records, pay stubs etc. Typically, you will have a mortgage contingency of the agreed upon length to obtain a mortgage commitment.

Once your lender has all of your documents, they will review them and issue a Clear-to- Close, which means your loan is complete and the file will be sent to the title company for closing. Your lender will have an appraisal done on the property.

9. Closing

The Closing is the final step in a real estate transaction. On the closing date, the seller signs the deed over to the buyer and officially transfers ownership and delivers keys to the home.

The buyer (or the buyer’s bank) delivers payment for the balance owed on the purchase plus closing costs which include; title search services, title insurance, prorated property taxes, mortgage insurance, homeowner’s insurance, HOA and condo fees if applicable. Closing costs are paid by the buyer at the time of closing which vary per transaction.


Let Us Guide You Home

I go above and beyond to support my clients search for their perfect home, providing guidance and advice through every step of the process to make it seamless and hassle-free. Together, we will collaborate to find a home that meets your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle – so that you can confidently make your dream home yours when you find it.

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