María Ximena Quintero

María Ximena Quintero

Real Estate Advisor

María Ximena Quintero is a highly accomplished and dedicated Real Estate Agent with a stellar track record of over 16 years in the South Florida market. Residing in the picturesque community of Key Biscayne, María possesses a profound understanding of the local real estate landscape, making her the go-to expert for both buyers and sellers.

Her multilingual abilities in Spanish, English, and French enable seamless communication with a diverse clientele, while her impeccable negotiation skills and problem-solving mindset ensure that clients’ needs are met effectively. Attention to detail, along with exceptional communication and marketing skills, sets her apart in delivering a top-notch real estate experience.

María’s interpersonal skills, integrity, and deep local knowledge create a strong foundation of trust with her clients. With over a decade of experience in marketing, she leverages innovative strategies to market and sell properties effectively. María Ximena Quintero is your reliable partner for all your real estate needs in South Florida, consistently exceeding expectations and achieving your property goals.